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HTTP Streaming

Sample use case

Configure an API proxy for HTTP streaming.


By default, HTTP request and response payloads that pass through Apigee Edge are stored in a buffer, and policies that can operate on the payload work as expected. In cases where the payloads are larger than the buffer size (10 MB in Apigee Cloud, 3 MB in Edge for Private Cloud), you can set this attribute to true. When true, HTTP request payloads are not read into a buffer; they are streamed as-is to the target endpoint. In this case, any policies that operate on the payload in the TargetEndpoint request flow are bypassed.

In the default configuration, HTTP processing on the API Platform is asynchronous and non-blocking.

While processing HTTP messages, the Apigee gateway does not need to:

  • Allocate a single thread per request message
  • Block threads while waiting for I/O

Thus, in the default configuration, the API Platform supports AJAX and long-polling with no additional configuration.

However, when developing apps that rely on architectures like Comet, you need to explicitly configure HTTP streaming, as is demonstrated by this sample API proxy.

Caution: While streaming can help you work around the request/response size limit enforced by the product, Apigee doesn't recommend exceeding that limit when streaming and can't support issues that arise as a result of exceeding that limit, such as performance issues, timeouts, and so on. For payloads larger than 10 MB, Apigee recommends using a signed URLs pattern within an Apigee JavaCallout, illustrated by the Edge Callout: Signed URL Generator example.

Set up, deploy, invoke

See the main project README file for information about setting up, deploying, and invoking sample proxies.


This screen shot from the Apigee Edge trace tool shows the placement of the policies used in this sample.

alt text

More information

Policy used in this sample

Related information

Ask the community

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