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Working with schemas

In Apigee Edge, API proxies, policies, and other entities are configured in XML. Use these schemas to help construct your XML configurations, either as reference material or imported into an XML editing environment.

/configuration - Contains the schemas for other-than-policy entities in Edge, such as API proxies, proxy endpoints, target endpoints, HTTP target connections, and so on.

/policy - Contains the schemas for Edge policies.

Importing all.xsd into an XML editing environment lets you construct all entities and policies in a single view; or you can import individual policy schemas to build single policies.

Note: Some policies, such as Message Logging and LDAP, have elements in the /configuration/configuration_schemas.xsd schema as well. This is a known issue that Apigee will address in the future. In the meantime, consult the policy reference docs for guidance.

Bug: There is a known bug where some schemas enforce a specific element order. In each policy, all direct child elements can be used in any order.

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