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Example curl calls sequence showing you how to work with the App Services RESTful API!
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Welcome to the Apigee App Services template app for use through the RESTful API!

App Services is Apigee’s hosted version of the open-source technology “Usergrid” — you may find references to that name in a few places. 

You will need to make a few edits for this template to work. Open in a text editor (Notepad, TextMate, SublimeText, or your preferred IDE) and follow the instructions inside.

If you followed the steps correctly, you should see a visual confirmation when you execute ./ in your terminal!
(N.B.: you may need to “chmod u+x” to be able to run the example.)

This sample is maintained by Tim Anglade. Please open all bugs as issues on our github repo, or email if you have any questions.
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