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Microgateway Decorator Buildpack


This is an intermediate buildpack for Cloud Foundry that provides integration with the Apigee Service Broker.

When using the Apigee Service Broker, this buildpack allows you to use the Apigee Coresident Plan to secure cloud foundry applications.


To upload this buildpack run the upload script: ./upload


Note: Due to limitations with the Java Buildpack, this decorator will not work with Java applications.

Note: This buildpack requires the Apigee Service Broker to be installed in your Cloud Foundry deployment. To do this follow the instructions here

When this buildpack is present in your Cloud Foundry deployment, all you will have to do to secure your applications is bind your Cloud Foundry application to the Apigee Coresident Service instance. Your application will then automatically be secured by Apigee Microgateway.

For example:

cf push my-app --no-start
cf bind-service my-app <coresident plan instance> -c '{"..."}'
cf v3-push my-app -b microgateway_decorator -b nodejs_buildpack

For more detailed examples/instructions, follow the steps here.