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Apigee HealthAPIx software solution assists healthcare providers in accelerating the development and delivery of digital services based on FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) APIs.

Apigee HealthAPIx is built on the Apigee Edge API management platform, and features FHIR APIs and a healthcare developer portal to help hospitals meet the demand for data interoperability, deliver patient-centric healthcare, and move faster to the digital world.

The Apigee HealthAPIx solution provides App developers and digital teams with access to following components:

FHIR Gateway

  • Pre-configured API proxies for FHIR Resources. The API proxies are your gateway to various backend EMR systems. Follow more information on this here.
  • Pre-integrated OAuth security framework and other key security functions. Follow more information on this here.

FHIR Developer Portal

  • A purpose-built developer portal to explore FHIR API documentation and test your APIs. Follow more information on how to customize your default Apigee portal here.