Sample apps for the Node JS beta
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Apigee Node.js Samples

These are some sample Apigee and Node.js applications for the Node.js support in the Apigee API Platform.

To deploy these bundles, install apigeetool and follow the directions in each sample's README.

Node Samples

These samples are unmodified Node.js applications that will run locally or in the Apigee Platform. The apigeetool deploynodeapp script will package these programs up in a form that may be deployed to Apigee, and deploy them.

Apigee Samples

While the "Node Samples" are generic Node.js applications that apigeetool turns into Apigee API proxies on deployment, these samples are API proxies that contain Node.js applications. They do the same thing, but by deploying this way, we get access to other features of the Apigee API Platform.