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Android Assets Upload #2

enyachoke opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I can create and asset using the android sdk createEntityAsync is there a way I can upload the data via the sdk or I have to do a bare bone http post.


Hi Enya,

Unfortunately we do not have this feature implemented in our SDK. Would be happy to accept a pull-request if you extend our SDK.


Thank you for the response. We needed a quick solution for our client so went with amazon s3 for holding our assets. We then link them to an activity. We are still looking into using assets though and I will be happy to contribute it back to the community.


If you have an example of this somewhere or can post a gist, I would like to see this approach.

We have a wholesale refactor of binary on the roadmap for the near term and are really open to users' feedback here.


Here is a full gist that uploads to s3 on the client side and then links the asset to and activity This code works fine but is was a quick hack because the application is a prove of concept. What I'm considering is creating a custom activity endpoint on user-grid stack (Hopefully that is possible) That extends the functionality of the activity endpoint with the ability to accept and "attachment" parameter save that on the disk and attach it to the activity server-side.

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