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#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
kUGHTTPGet = 0,
kUGHTTPPost = 1,
kUGHTTPPostAuth = 2,
kUGHTTPPut = 3,
kUGHTTPDelete = 4
@interface UGHTTPManager : NSObject
// blocks until a response is received, or until there's an error.
// in the event of a response, it's returned. If there's an error,
// the funciton returns nil and you can call getLastError to see what
// went wrong.
-(NSString *)syncTransaction:(NSString *)url operation:(int)op operationData:(NSString *)opData;
// sets up the transaction asynchronously. The delegate that's sent in
// must have the following functions:
// -(void)httpManagerError:(UGHTTPManager *)manager error:(NSString *)error
// -(void)httpManagerResponse:(UGHTTPManager *)manager response:(NSString *)response
// In all cases, it returns a transaction ID. A return value
// of -1 means there was an error.
// You can call getLastError to find out what went wrong.
-(int)asyncTransaction:(NSString *)url operation:(int)op operationData:(NSString *)opData delegate:(id)delegate;
// get the current transactionID
// sets the auth key
-(void)setAuth: (NSString *)auth;
// cancel a pending transaction. The delegate will not be called and the results
// will be ignored. Though the server side will still have happened.
// returns YES if this instance is available. NO if this instance is currently
// in use as part of an asynchronous transaction.
// sets the availability flag of this instance. This is done by UGClient
// a helpful utility function to make a string comform to URL
// rules. It will escape all the special characters.
+(NSString *)escapeSpecials:(NSString *)raw;
// At all times, this will return the plain-text explanation of the last
// thing that went wrong. It is cleared to "No Error" at the beginnign of
// each new transaction.
-(NSString *)getLastError;
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