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#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
// an enumeration for multi-step processes.
kMultiStepNone = 0,
kMultiStepCreateActivity = 1, // create an activity
kMultiStepPostActivity = 2, // after creating an activity, post it to the user
kMultiStepCreateGroupActivity = 3, // create an activity
kMultiStepPostGroupActivity = 4, // after creating an activity, post it to the user
kMultiStepCleanup = 5 // the final step of all multi-step transactions
// UGMultiStepAction is used internally for client actions that
// require multiple transactions with the service. It is simple data
// storage, used by UGClient in abstracting out multi-step transactions
@interface UGMultiStepAction : NSObject
// the transaction ID that this multistep is associated
// with. When a transaction of this ID is complete, this is the
// UGMultiStepAction instance ot ask what to do next
@property int transactionID;
// the next action this transaction should take
@property int nextAction;
// data necessary for subsequent steps
@property NSString *userID;
@property NSString *groupID;
@property NSDictionary *activity;
// the transactionID that will be sent to the user.
// This is distinct from normal transaction IDs,
// which we use internally at each step.
@property int outwardTransactionID;
// YES if this action should be reported to the
// caller .No if not.
@property BOOL reportToClient;
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