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Commits on Jul 2, 2013
  1. @theganyo

    better preserve the Device UUID across apps by using the keychain ins…

    theganyo committed
    …tead of app local storage
    use identifierForVendor to have multiple apps on a device share a UUID when possible
Commits on May 2, 2013
  1. @timburks
Commits on Apr 15, 2013
  1. @timburks

    New SDK classes and tools for unit testing.

    timburks committed
    This commit adds new classes in the UGAPI/v2 directory that
    provide direct access to the Usergrid HTTP API. Instances
    of the UGConnection class can be used to create NSMutableURLRequests
    that can then be performed to call the Usergrid API. These
    calls can be made with any HTTP framework desired by the
    app developer, but as a convenience, this commit also includes
    the UGHTTPClient class, which can make calls synchronously or
    asynchronously. Synchronous calls will block and return a
    UGHTTPResult instance, and asynchronous calls take C blocks
    which they call when the requests complete or fail. All
    information about HTTP calls is returned in the UGHTTPResult
    instance, including errors. This gives app developers full
    visibility of any network problems that could occur.
    It is also now possible to build the SDK on the command line
    as a Mac framework, which can then be used to interactively
    use the SDK from the command line or to write interpreted
    utilities and unit tests. This requires Nu (
    Builds and tests are supported by the included "Nukefile".
    After installing Nu, you can type "nuke" at the command
    line to build Usergrid.framework, and "nuke install" to
    install Usergrid.framework in /Library/Frameworks. Then
    you can interact with the Usergrid.framework using the Nu
    shell by typing "nush" at the command line.
    ========= EXAMPLE ==========
    tim% nush
    Nu Shell.
    % (load "Usergrid")
    % (set client ((UGClient alloc) initWithOrganizationId:"1hotrod" withApplicationID:"fred"))
    % (set response (client logInUser:"alice" password:"test1test"))
    % (set object ((response rawResponse) JSONValue))
    % (puts (object JSONValue))
    Nu uncaught exception: NuUndefinedSymbol: undefined symbol JSONValue while evaluating expression (object JSONValue)
      from <TopLevel>:1: in object
      from <TopLevel>:1: in puts
    % (puts (object description))
        "access_token" = YWMtTqsVbqYiEeKmQALoGuNOzAAAAT40B3oDr8iBRVTNHwVgBc3TL63UVqHO4LM;
        "expires_in" = 604800;
        user =     {
            activated = 1;
            created = 1359834587923;
            email = "";
            modified = 1359834587923;
            name = alice;
            picture = "";
            type = user;
            username = alice;
            uuid = "b32b56df-6d71-11e2-81cf-02e81ac5a17b";
            "validate-password" = test1test;
    To run the unit tests, type "nuke test" at the command line.
    For more information about Nu, see and
Commits on Mar 12, 2013
  1. @mdobson

    Added a delegate protocol to the SDK to better highlight that you can…

    mdobson committed
    … do async stuff by implementing a delegate.
Commits on Mar 12, 2012
  1. @edanuff

    added project files

    edanuff committed
  2. @edanuff

    Initial Commit

    edanuff committed
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