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2013-11-19 Freedom Dumlao <>
Version 0.6.8
- Bugfixes:
* Fixes an issue where before_request and before_<view> methods
that returned responses had their responses ignored. If these
methods return a response it will be returned to the client.
- Thanks:
* Thanks to reddit user akaGrim for reporting the issue!
2013-11-8 Freedom Dumlao <>
Version 0.6.7
- Features:
* Adds a feature that allows control over trailing slashes.
2013-10-22 Freedom Dumlao <>
Version 0.6.6
- Bugfixes:
* Fixes a bug introduced around certain types of decorators.
Adds more tests for those cases as well.
2013-10-22 Freedom Dumlao <>
Version 0.6.4
- Features:
* Added route_prefix, a feature that allows you to
specify a prefix for all the routes generated by
a FlaskView instance.
- Bugfixes:
* Fixes some bugs related to self referential
- Thanks:
* Thanks to Stephane Rufer for the idea for
2013-6-13 Freedom Dumlao <>
Version 0.6.3
- Features:
* Python 3.3 and Flask 0.10 is now supported.
- Bugfixes
* Fixed a that would cause FlaskViews without route_base
attributes to fail to revert to that state after
having them registered with a route_base in the register
- Thanks:
* Thanks to Ivan Kleshnin, who reported the bug.
2013-6-10 Freedom Dumlao <>
Version 0.6.1
- Bugfixes
* Fixed a bug when raising the DecoratorCompatibilityError.
- Thanks:
* Thanks to Ivan Kleshnin, who found and fixed the bug.
2013-6-5 Freedom Dumlao <>
Version 0.6
- **Breaking Changes**
* Classmethods are filtered out when determining which methods
should be routeable.
- Features
* FlaskViews now support a "decorators" attribute which takes a list
of decorators to apply to every method in that view.
* The route_base now supports arguments.
(Thanks to Philip Schleihauf)
- Bugfixes
* Fixed a bug that prevented Flask-Classy from generating routes for
methods that had used a decorator but did not also use the @route
(Thanks to Shuhao Wu for reporting)
* view_args dict modifications made before the FlaskView view is called
are now available in the FlaskView.
(Thanks to Philip Schleihauf)
- Thanks:
* Thanks to Max Countryman, Julien Rebetez, Philip Schleihauf, and Shuhao Wu
2012-11-29 Freedom Dumlao <>
Version 0.5.2
- Bugfixes
* Fixed a SyntaxError that was caused by using a dictionary generator
in Python versions earlier than 2.7.
(Thanks to @maxcountryman)
2012-11-20 Freedom Dumlao <>
Version 0.5.1
- Bugfixes
* Fixed a bug that caused views that used the @route decorator to
ignore the subdomain keyword parameter specified in the
FlaskView's register method.
(Thanks to Mark Grey for reporting.)
2012-11-18 Freedom Dumlao <>
Version 0.5
- **Breaking Changes**
* Changed the way routes are generated to match up with Flask
documentation. index, post and custom methods without parameters
are still configured with a trailing slash. put, patch, get,
delete, and custom methods with parameters are configured without
a trailing slash now.
* Changed the way endpoints are generated to accommodate the more
common cases. Methods with a single route are no longer have
endpoints suffixed with an index.
(Thanks to Jesaja Everling for the original patch.)
- Features
* Added support for specifying a custom endpoint using an endpoint
keyword argument in the @route decorator.
- Bugfixes
* Fixed a bug that would not allow you to use any parameter name
but "id" in the special methods.
2012-11-11 Freedom Dumlao <>
Version 0.4.3
- Features
* Added wrapper methods for views
- Bugfixes
* Fixed a bug that caused blueprint subdomains to be ignored
2012-11-05 Freedom Dumlao <>
Version 0.4
* Added support for subdomains
2012-11-1 Freedom Dumlao <>
Version 0.3.4
* Added PATCH support