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Class based views for the Flask microframework.
:copyright: (c) 2013 by Freedom Dumlao.
:license: BSD, see LICENSE for more details.
__version__ = "0.6.8"
import sys
import functools
import inspect
from werkzeug.routing import parse_rule
from flask import request, Response, make_response
import re
_py2 = sys.version_info[0] == 2
def route(rule, **options):
"""A decorator that is used to define custom routes for methods in
FlaskView subclasses. The format is exactly the same as Flask's
`@app.route` decorator.
def decorator(f):
# Put the rule cache on the method itself instead of globally
if not hasattr(f, '_rule_cache') or f._rule_cache is None:
f._rule_cache = {f.__name__: [(rule, options)]}
elif not f.__name__ in f._rule_cache:
f._rule_cache[f.__name__] = [(rule, options)]
f._rule_cache[f.__name__].append((rule, options))
return f
return decorator
class FlaskView(object):
"""Base view for any class based views implemented with Flask-Classy. Will
automatically configure routes when registered with a Flask app instance.
decorators = []
route_base = None
route_prefix = None
trailing_slash = True
def register(cls, app, route_base=None, subdomain=None, route_prefix=None,
"""Registers a FlaskView class for use with a specific instance of a
Flask app. Any methods not prefixes with an underscore are candidates
to be routed and will have routes registered when this method is
:param app: an instance of a Flask application
:param route_base: The base path to use for all routes registered for
this class. Overrides the route_base attribute if
it has been set.
:param subdomain: A subdomain that this registration should use when
configuring routes.
:param route_prefix: A prefix to be applied to all routes registered
for this class. Precedes route_base. Overrides
the class' route_prefix if it has been set.
if cls is FlaskView:
raise TypeError("cls must be a subclass of FlaskView, not FlaskView itself")
if route_base:
cls.orig_route_base = cls.route_base
cls.route_base = route_base
if route_prefix:
cls.orig_route_prefix = cls.route_prefix
cls.route_prefix = route_prefix
if not subdomain:
if hasattr(app, "subdomain") and app.subdomain is not None:
subdomain = app.subdomain
elif hasattr(cls, "subdomain"):
subdomain = cls.subdomain
if trailing_slash is not None:
cls.orig_trailing_slash = cls.trailing_slash
cls.trailing_slash = trailing_slash
members = get_interesting_members(FlaskView, cls)
special_methods = ["get", "put", "patch", "post", "delete", "index"]
for name, value in members:
proxy = cls.make_proxy_method(name)
route_name = cls.build_route_name(name)
if hasattr(value, "_rule_cache") and name in value._rule_cache:
for idx, cached_rule in enumerate(value._rule_cache[name]):
rule, options = cached_rule
rule = cls.build_rule(rule)
sub, ep, options = cls.parse_options(options)
if not subdomain and sub:
subdomain = sub
if ep:
endpoint = ep
elif len(value._rule_cache[name]) == 1:
endpoint = route_name
endpoint = "%s_%d" % (route_name, idx,)
app.add_url_rule(rule, endpoint, proxy, subdomain=subdomain, **options)
elif name in special_methods:
if name in ["get", "index"]:
methods = ["GET"]
methods = [name.upper()]
rule = cls.build_rule("/", value)
if not cls.trailing_slash:
rule = rule.rstrip("/")
app.add_url_rule(rule, route_name, proxy, methods=methods, subdomain=subdomain)
route_str = '/%s/' % name
if not cls.trailing_slash:
route_str = route_str.rstrip('/')
rule = cls.build_rule(route_str, value)
app.add_url_rule(rule, route_name, proxy, subdomain=subdomain)
except DecoratorCompatibilityError:
raise DecoratorCompatibilityError("Incompatible decorator detected on %s in class %s" % (name, cls.__name__))
if hasattr(cls, "orig_route_base"):
cls.route_base = cls.orig_route_base
del cls.orig_route_base
if hasattr(cls, "orig_route_prefix"):
cls.route_prefix = cls.orig_route_prefix
del cls.orig_route_prefix
if hasattr(cls, "orig_trailing_slash"):
cls.trailing_slash = cls.orig_trailing_slash
del cls.orig_trailing_slash
def parse_options(cls, options):
"""Extracts subdomain and endpoint values from the options dict and returns
them along with a new dict without those values.
options = options.copy()
subdomain = options.pop('subdomain', None)
endpoint = options.pop('endpoint', None)
return subdomain, endpoint, options,
def make_proxy_method(cls, name):
"""Creates a proxy function that can be used by Flasks routing. The
proxy instantiates the FlaskView subclass and calls the appropriate
:param name: the name of the method to create a proxy for
i = cls()
view = getattr(i, name)
if cls.decorators:
for decorator in cls.decorators:
view = decorator(view)
def proxy(**forgettable_view_args):
# Always use the global request object's view_args, because they
# can be modified by intervening function before an endpoint or
# wrapper gets called. This matches Flask's behavior.
del forgettable_view_args
if hasattr(i, "before_request"):
response = i.before_request(name, **request.view_args)
if response is not None:
return response
before_view_name = "before_" + name
if hasattr(i, before_view_name):
before_view = getattr(i, before_view_name)
response = before_view(**request.view_args)
if response is not None:
return response
response = view(**request.view_args)
if not isinstance(response, Response):
response = make_response(response)
after_view_name = "after_" + name
if hasattr(i, after_view_name):
after_view = getattr(i, after_view_name)
response = after_view(response)
if hasattr(i, "after_request"):
response = i.after_request(name, response)
return response
return proxy
def build_rule(cls, rule, method=None):
"""Creates a routing rule based on either the class name (minus the
'View' suffix) or the defined `route_base` attribute of the class
:param rule: the path portion that should be appended to the
route base
:param method: if a method's arguments should be considered when
constructing the rule, provide a reference to the
method here. arguments named "self" will be ignored
rule_parts = []
if cls.route_prefix:
route_base = cls.get_route_base()
if route_base:
ignored_rule_args = ['self']
if hasattr(cls, 'base_args'):
ignored_rule_args += cls.base_args
if method:
args = get_true_argspec(method)[0]
for arg in args:
if arg not in ignored_rule_args:
rule_parts.append("<%s>" % arg)
result = "/%s" % "/".join(rule_parts)
return re.sub(r'(/)\1+', r'\1', result)
def get_route_base(cls):
"""Returns the route base to use for the current class."""
if cls.route_base is not None:
route_base = cls.route_base
base_rule = parse_rule(route_base)
cls.base_args = [r[2] for r in base_rule]
if cls.__name__.endswith("View"):
route_base = cls.__name__[:-4].lower()
route_base = cls.__name__.lower()
return route_base.strip("/")
def build_route_name(cls, method_name):
"""Creates a unique route name based on the combination of the class
name with the method name.
:param method_name: the method name to use when building a route name
return cls.__name__ + ":%s" % method_name
def get_interesting_members(base_class, cls):
"""Returns a list of methods that can be routed to"""
base_members = dir(base_class)
predicate = inspect.ismethod if _py2 else inspect.isfunction
all_members = inspect.getmembers(cls, predicate=predicate)
return [member for member in all_members
if not member[0] in base_members
and ((hasattr(member[1], "__self__") and not member[1].__self__ in inspect.getmro(cls)) if _py2 else True)
and not member[0].startswith("_")
and not member[0].startswith("before_")
and not member[0].startswith("after_")]
def get_true_argspec(method):
"""Drills through layers of decorators attempting to locate the actual argspec for the method."""
argspec = inspect.getargspec(method)
args = argspec[0]
if args and args[0] == 'self':
return argspec
if hasattr(method, '__func__'):
method = method.__func__
if not hasattr(method, '__closure__') or method.__closure__ is None:
raise DecoratorCompatibilityError
closure = method.__closure__
for cell in closure:
inner_method = cell.cell_contents
if inner_method is method:
if not inspect.isfunction(inner_method) \
and not inspect.ismethod(inner_method):
true_argspec = get_true_argspec(inner_method)
if true_argspec:
return true_argspec
class DecoratorCompatibilityError(Exception):
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