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@@ -3,25 +3,21 @@ v2:
- Linkable Single-user page
- Ignore @replies completely
- Logout
+- Show less of the list
+- New Scoble rating
+- Anatomy of an annoying tweet
-- Code cleanup
-- In-app unfollow?
-- Show less of the list?
-New Scoble rating: 446.1 on Dec 31, 2009 at 1:47AM.
-- Rating system on scan page
-- Link to profile on scan pagee
+- In-app unfollow
+- Error resistance (retrying and giving up gracefully)
+- Beaufort on scan page
+- "What if" link on profile page, or maybe automatically when you profile -> scan
- CSRF for API
- Clean up icons on scan page
-- Jump to compare from a user page
- Retry when queries take 5 seconds or so or there's a 5XX.
- Cache user results (maybe etags are sufficient)
-- Stop paging back based on slowness or reaching one week
- Subtract TLU if they're @mentioning you
- Let them query more tweets for more accuracy
-- Anatomy of an annoying tweet
- RT penalizing/counting
- Be lenient on native retweets
- Sorting by Javascript
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