A port of Twython to Server Side Javascript (Node.js). Beautifully fun non-blocking Twitter API calls for epic win.
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Twitscript - a Server Side Javascript library to interface with Twitter (Node.js)

Node.js is an incredibly cool way to handle server-side Javascript. As I was hacking on another project of mine (Luno - http://github.com/ryanmcgrath/luno), I found myself wishing I had an easy to use Twitter API wrapper.

Now, I've already written one such library, albeit in Python (Twython - http://github.com/ryanmcgrath/twython), I decided... screw it, why not see how quickly I could port my earlier work?

Twitscript is the end product of about 6 hours of work, converting pure Python to JS. It covers Twitter's main and search APIs; OAuth and Streaming haven't been implemented in Twython yet, so there's no base to pull from, in that respect. If you'd like to see these features, fork away! ;)

Using Twitscript

It's pretty easy, to be honest. Throw Twiscript on your module path somewhere, require it, and have a blast! Most of the calls mirror Twitter API calls directly, and the source is fairly well documented - read through if you need anything.

var twitscript = require("twitscript");

var twitter = new twitscript.init({
    username: "username",
	password: "password",
	headers: "my headers",
	version: 1,

// All calls in Twitscript take an object w/ params as a first argument, and a callback function with Twitter data
twitter.updateStatus({status: "I'm updating my status!", in_reply_to_status_id: "example_id"}, function(data) {

Beautiful, right? We all love the non-blockage. If you have any questions, comments, complaints, whatever, feel free to hit me on my email. I'm also on Twitter, if you'd like more up to date mundane information about my life.

ryan [at] venodesigns [dot] net http://twitter.com/ryanmcgrath