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scrapestack API

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scrapestack offers a real-time proxy and web scraping API service, allowing customers to scrape websites at scale using any programming language, crawling and extracting HTML data within just milliseconds. The API supports more than 35 million proxies and IPs globally, 195+ geolocations to target, automatic IP rotation, smart retries, and more. Using scrapestack you will be able to make use of both standard datacenter IPs as well as premium residential IPs associated with a real device and residential address.

And the best part: We offer 10,000 monthly scraper API requests for free, no hidden fees, no credit card required!

Sign up for free to get a free API key.

Features & Integration

  • 35+ Million IPs and Proxies: Tap into an extensive pool of over 35 million proxies and IP addresses worldwide and ensure the highest level of scraping consistency. Never worry about handling proxes, locations and things like IP rotation or retries again.

  • Datacenter & Residential Proxies: Make use of standard datacenter proxies or go for the premium option of using residential proxies that are tied to a real device and residential address, further lowering the risk of getting blocked by the scraping target.

  • 195+ Geolocations: The API supports nearly 200 geo-targets worldwide, including 8 major cities. Choose your location and start scraping local results right away.

  • Concurrent Requests: Tired of synchronous API requests? Send concurrent API requests to scrapestack and ensure the highest level of speed every time you use scrapestack.

  • JavaScript Rendering: The API will return HTML data exactly as it would be shown in the browser by rendering JavaScript, which is executed on the target web page.

  • and more ...: World-class technical support, IP rotation, smart retries, and more - please visit for more information.

Sign up for the Basic Plan to get 250,000 monthly API requests at only $19.99.

In-depth Documentation

An in-depth API documentation, including interactive code examples and extensive descriptions can be found at

Customer Support

Need any assistance? Get in touch with Customer Support.


All usage of the scrapestack website, API, and services is subject to the scrapestack Terms & Conditions and all annexed legal documents and agreements.


Real-Time Proxy & Web Scraping API



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