Free, Real-Time Address Verification & Autocomplete JSON API
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sreetlayer API

Streetlayer offers a straightforward JSON-based REST API service built to analyse and verify international address data by using custom built search algorithms to cross-reference complete addresses (as specified in the API request) as well as each fraction contained therein with a massive, weekly updated and reliable data set sourced from a wide range of vendors and institutions around the world.

Whether your intended use of the API is cleaning your customer database, validating user data at the time it enters your systems, building an address autocomplete system for your web platform or validating high-value contacts or leads with the aim of sending promotional material - regardless of the background or size of your business, you're at the right address.

Data Sources

At streetlayer we've made sure to provide the highest possible quality in international address data by integrating our systems with a range of reliable data sources. These massive data sets, paired with an extensive mapping and search algorithm allows us to accurately verify the vast majority of addresses located in the big countries around the world.

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Features & Integration

Fight fraudulent profiles and focus on real users - Thorough phone number validation has numerous benefits for your business and is incredibly easy to implement. The best way to capture good leads is to verify contact information right at the point of entry into your database.

The main API Functionalities are:

  • Full Verification: Verify international addresses in full and take action based on the results returned by the API.

  • Partial Verification: Our API splits addresses into fractions and validates each part separately, from house number to country.

  • Autocomplete: The streetlayer API is capable of delivering address suggestions based on the smallest strings.

  • Postal Code Boundary: Ensure a seamless user experience by restricting your autocomplete result set to a specific postal code.

  • Geocode: Make use of the Latitude and Longitude coordinate values that come with each address validation.

  • Reverse Lookup: Have the API suggest the nearest complete address simply by passing coordinates into the request URL.

and more ...

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In-depth Documentation

Interactive example queries, code examples (including PHP/CURL and jQuery.ajax) and integration guides are available at

Customer Support

Need any assistance? Get in touch with Customer Support.


All usage of the numverify website, API, and services is subject to the streetlayer Terms & Conditions and all annexed legal documents and agreements.