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userstack API

UserAgent API has been relaunched as userstack

Great news! After months of work we're happy to announce that your long trusted UserAgent API product has been rebuilt completely, extended in functionality and relaunched under a new name - userstack. With multiple data updates per week, lightning-fast API responses, a series of new features and an overall more intuitive user experience we are making an effort to offer a new, advanced API platform to better serve our loyal base of customers.

Switch to the new API now

To ensure a smooth transition process, please make sure to sign up for a free userstack API account now, get your API access key and adjust your application to make use of the new userstack API endpoint.

Drop-in replacement!

The newly launched userstack API will act as a drop-in replacement for your current API integration. The new API endpoint will feature a "legacy" parameter that causes the userstack API to return API results in exactly the same format that was used in UserAgent API results.

To learn more about how to enable legacy format, please refer to the userstack API Documentation.

Shutdown of UserAgent API endpoints

Until January 31st you will still be able to use the now discontinued UserAgent API endpoint. However, to prevent service disruption please make sure to create an account with userstack soon and switch to the new userstack API endpoint.

We look forward to welcoming you as a new userstack customer!


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userstack is the leading API service for User-Agent Lookup and device, browser, and operating system detection, supporting all major programming languages, such as PHP, Python, Ruby, Go, Nodejs, Java, and many more. The userstack API can be used for free at basic level and offers cost-effective and startup-friendly subscription plans for higher volumes.

Sign up for free to get instant API Access.

Features & Integration

  • Accurate Detection: Updated daily using an algorithm built in-house, the userstack API is powered by the most up-to-date collection of User-Agent strings available.

  • Bank-Level Security: Make use of the userstack API's state-of-the-art 256-bit HTTPS encryption to secure any data streaming from and to the API.

  • World-Class Support: Should you ever have technical or account-related questions, feel free to reach out to our world-class Sales & Customer Support team using the following link: userstack.com/contact

  • JSON & XML API: Easy to use and lightning fast in its response, the userstack API is capable of delivering API results in JSON or XML format.

  • Unparalleled Speed: Speed is essential when it comes to parsing User-Agent strings in real-time - all API requests sent to userstack are processed in just a few milliseconds.

  • Bulk Lookups: Parse User-Agent strings in bulk using the userstack API's Bulk Endpoint. HTTP POST only.

Sign up for the Basic Plan to get your API Access Key and use the API at premium level.

In-depth Documentation

An in-depth API documentation, including interactive code examples and extensive descriptions can be found at userstack.com/documentation

Customer Support

Need any assistance? Get in touch with Customer Support.


All usage of the userstack website, API, and services is subject to the userstack Terms & Conditions and all annexed legal documents and agreements.