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vatlayer JSON API

Vatlayer is a free, simple JSON-based REST API allowing you to validate VAT numbers, retrieve all or single EU VAT rates based on IP address or country code, convert prices in compliance with EU VAT rates and types, and more.

API results are requested using a transparent and easy-to-understand URL structure and delivered in handy JSON format, making for the highest possible level of compatibility with any of your applications, programming languages and frameworks.

Data Sources

In order to achieve a high standard of data accuracy and response speed for every API request, the vatlayer API relies on multiple servers and a distinct "fallback & validation" mechanism, consisting of a fairly large number of different data sources (instances), which include the European Commission's databases.

If one instance fails to deliver an accurate data response (which does not even occur in 99.9% of the cases), the next highest one is assigned with the respective request. Only this way can we provide a consistent service and API living up to our customer's expectations.

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Features & Integration

At vatlayer we aim to take the headache out of VAT number validation and EU VAT rate retrieval, offering a generous, full-featured Free Plan for anybody requiring less than 100 monthly requests or intending to try out the service, and three highly cost-effective premium subscriptions starting at only $9.99 per month.

The main API Functionalities are:

  • VAT Number Validation: Instantly validate any EU VAT number and retrieve valuable information about the company which it is assigned to.

  • EU VAT rates: Get a single country's VAT rates or request an entire list of VAT rates for all 28 current EU member states.

  • Standard & Reduced Rates: Make use of a EU member state's standard VAT percentage or integrate type-specific reduced VAT rates. (e.g. "medical" products)

  • VAT Compliant Price Calculation: Request the API to perform a country- & type-specific price calculation on your behalf.

  • and more: Prettyprint your JSON response, make use of JSONP Callbacks, Access-Control headers, and much more.

Sign up for the Free Plan to get your API Access Key.

In-depth Documentation

Find a shortened version of the API's Documentation in this Repository's docs folder.

Interactive example queries, a variety of code examples (including PHP/CURL and jQuery.ajax) and integration guides are available at

Customer Support

Need any assistance? Get in touch with Customer Support.


All usage of the vatlayer website, API, and services is subject to the vatlayer Terms & Conditions and all annexed legal documents and agreements.


vatlayer API - free, simple JSON API for VAT Number Validation & EU VAT Rates






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