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Minimarket Point Of Sales (POS) software writen in C++ with Qt framework
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Sultan POS

Minimarket POS (Point Of Sales) software writen in C++ with Qt Framework. The main target of Sultan POS is minimarket and able to run on Raspberry Pi.


  • Networked (uses websocket)
  • Multi prices
  • Item categories
  • Supliers
  • Multi user and permission
  • Databases SQLite / MySQL
  • Sales report
  • Item sales report
  • Money report
  • Margin calculation using average
  • Customer database
  • Customer reward
  • Customer credit
  • Purchase and purchase return
  • Cashier and sold return
  • Stock Card
  • Box / Package item
  • Export / import database to file and Google drive
  • And many




Any question/support please contact me


Please consider to give a star when clone this repository




Any contribution are welcome

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