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Technicalpickles integration #2

merged 67 commits into from Nov 8, 2011

4 participants


Been using this branch for a while now, seems quite stable. Promoting to master!

technicalpickles and others added some commits Jun 11, 2010
@technicalpickles technicalpickles First pass at making a gem. f755c00
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Some code cleanup for last_tag_matching. 342c66d
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Added a recipe such that lib gets added to LOAD_PATH f33abdd
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Updated to 1.3.0 and generated gemspec. d64c489
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Updated readme. 9c792dc
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Rename variables to be snake cased. b7fbcec
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Added summary and description. d725ba8
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Added checks to verify local branch is up to date with remote branch. 49c77f6
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Use github branch compare for update_log if the repo is hosted on git…
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Collect additional information for staging tag, including who did it,…
… and a one-line summary of changes.
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Use abort instead of raise, to avoid spitting out huge stacktraces. bf58eec
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Finally fixing whitespace. 0eb2df2
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Additional code cleanup. Also, fixed regular expression for yanking n…
…ame out of staging take, to use when promoting to production.
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Shuffle namespace under capistrano. fe08833
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Added deploy:pending:compare, as short hand for gitflow:commit_log. 46f2074
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Fixed errors when trying to access tag from configuration. 4b825e0
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Tweaks to README. dc96412
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Doc and whitespace cleanup. da2d254
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Made README be README.rdoc 7529573
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Regenerated gemspec for version 1.3.0 a9e7c96
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Fixed gem name... whoops. 930e7f1
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Fixed homepage. 67b25b9
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Regenerated gemspec for version 1.3.1 facca29
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Blurgh.... 020041e
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Version bump. 4b8f392
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Regenerated gemspec for version 1.3.1 6ba15e4
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Fixed gitflow:commit_log to use master instead of head. ef38dab
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Version bump to 1.3.2 37675a0
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Regenerated gemspec for version 1.3.2 a87c51f
@wfarr wfarr Fix a bug in sha detection 74e7d9e
@wfarr wfarr Version bump to 1.3.3 8bafa21
@wfarr wfarr Regenerated gemspec for version 1.3.3 cfd376d
@technicalpickles technicalpickles jeweler hax. 28a0a59
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Regenerated gemspec for version 1.3.3 a4bcc66
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Fixed bug in determining last tag's number. Extracted logic to determ…
…ine next tag to its own method.
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Removed old gemspec. 2f2682b
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Version bump to 1.3.4. 655d098
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Regenerated gemspec for version 1.3.4 17eb92c
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Removed breakpoint... doh. a074dd4
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Version bump to 1.3.5. 20ffeed
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Regenerated gemspec for version 1.3.5 2ea8f84
@wfarr wfarr Safely try to use the last staging tag for a new production deploy un…
…less otherwise specified
@wfarr wfarr Version bump to 1.3.6 e5dd4f9
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Revert "Version bump to 1.3.6"
This reverts commit e5dd4f9.
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Version bump, for real. 245101e
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Regenerated gemspec for version 1.4.0 9241a4f
@wfarr wfarr Update README 4af7a3c
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Don't prompt for a tag, if we're not going to tag. d9685ad
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Don't try to do git trickery if scm isn't git. This is useful for tes…
…ting with ':scm: none' and ':deploy_via: copy'.
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Version bump to 1.4.1. 08cc721
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Added gitignore. ea9775a
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Regenerate gemspec for version 1.4.1 5d9a1f4
@mattscilipoti mattscilipoti Allow other stages (beyond staging/production)
Signed-off-by: Joshua Nichols <>
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Version bump to 1.4.2. 80cc749
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Regenerate gemspec for version 1.4.2 c1e5941
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Add better handling to tag_production when latest staging is already …
…in production. Make language a little more consistent between staging/production.
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Don't push unless we're going to tag. 325e1ec
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Version bump to 1.4.3 45a28f5
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Regenerate gemspec for version 1.4.3 6f95478
@apinstein add license info 9116284
@apinstein improve readme 6c7753b
@apinstein update loading to work from cap or github install ebb56fc
@apinstein fix bug when deploying a non-explicitly-declared stage (ie staging or…
… production) which would cause master to be deployed rather than the current branch.
@apinstein clean up commit_log to respect custom setting over fancy new github t…
…rick. simplify code since we pre-calculate from/to tags before this block.
@apinstein Fix bug in last_tag_matching which was introduced by alpha-naming tag…
… structure. updating to be strictly chronologically based.
@apinstein further bug fix to last_tag_matching to improve on changes introduced…
… in 21318eb.
@apinstein for production deploys, show commit log before asking for deploy conf…
@apinstein apinstein merged commit b482492 into master Nov 8, 2011
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