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Copyright (C) 2010 Anton Pirogov
Licensed under the GPL version 3 or later
KapiManager: Enables to do everyday jobs in Kapiland more easily and offering a nice CLI for Kapiland.
KapiNotify: Get informed when your production is ready!
Usage of KapiTools:
run KapiManager.rb, enter your login data and issue commands...
use command 'help' to get a list of valid commands
German users: check out TUTORIAL_GER.TXT!
run KapiNotify.rb - tired of reloading page and checking your production? KapiNotify will run in the
background and show messages if something interesting happens!
(NOTE: you must have already entered your login data into KapiManager for KapiNotify to work properly!)
ruby gem 'mechanize'
I regard this project as finished, because it fulfills my requirements. Still, there is a huge
potential for extension of this tool, so grab the code and make improvements if you like.
I appreciate all pushed improvements..
In the folder kapichrome you find the chrome plugin which implements the most important features
(from my point of view) of the KapiSkript addon... I didn't want to create a special
repository for it, so I put it here...
With the chrome extension you can set production by time and select "everything" of an item type
at the warehouse for selling (which saves a lot of calculating and mouse clicks)