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A simpler drawing API for Cairo. Inspired by the Processing language.
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cairo-canvas Hackage version Build Status

Haskell library providing an alternative drawing API for Cairo which is heavily inspired by Processing.


This library depends on the cairo bindings.

You also need the SDL2 bindings, if you want to build the demo.

Just clone and install this repository:

git clone
cd cairo-canvas
stack install

It should work with recent GHC versions (>= 7.8.4) without problems under Linux und OS X.


Generate the haddock documentation for reference.

import SDL.Cairo
import Graphics.Rendering.Cairo.Canvas
  texture <- createCairoTexture renderer (V2 800 600)
  withCairoTexture' texture $ runCanvas $ do
    background $ gray 100
    stroke $ red 255
    fill $ blue 255 !@ 128
    rect $ D 0 0 100 100
    rect $ toD (V2 50 50) (V2 150 150)

  copy renderer texture Nothing Nothing
  present renderer

See the source of Main.hs for more examples. You start that demo with:

stack install --flag cairo-canvas:builddemo
stack exec cairo-canvas-test
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