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apnscp CSS Kit

apnscp Bootstrap SDK is a kit to build CSS for apnscp. The SDK relies on Bootstrap 4, which is mated to this repository (and panel). As of now, the current version is 4.0.0-alpha.6.

Node LTS (6.10) is recommended.

Getting Started

git clone
cd apnscp-bootstrap-sdk
npm install

Editing Themes

Themes are available under scss/themes/themename.scss. Basic tunables + addins should be located under scss/themes/<themename>/.

Specifying Output

Use the environment variable THEME to force an output file (default: apnscp.css), APNSCP_PATH is the assumed location of apnscp, if making changes to a live panel; and THEME_PATH is the location for CSS themes in apnscp, usually public/css/themes/.

env THEME=mytheme grunt dist

Compiled CSS will be spit out to dist/css/mytheme.css.

Building On-the-fly

SDK makes use of grunt-contrib-watch to rebuild whenever a watched file is changed. Simply run grunt watch from the command-line.

Building with GitLab CI

SDK contains a definition of a pipeline that performs the build of the theme and publishes the artifacts that can be then copied in THEME_PATH (manually unless otherwise implemented). Theme name can be passed via GItLab CI Variables, as well as the other environment variables which are currently optional. In the default configuration, your THEME defaults to apnscp and THEME_PATH to dist/, which matches the published artifacts path.

Compiled theme will be spit out to dist/css/apnscp.css and you'll find it right in your artifacts download area.

Enabling in apnscp

apnscp must be configured with [style] => allow_custom set to true on config.ini. Once enabled, users will have the option to configure 1 theme to their account. If Global Preferences (todo) are enabled on the account, then this theme may optionally apply to all users on the account.

Once enabled, visit Account > Settings > Theme. Select Custom from Active Theme to enter the custom theme dialog. Once installed, click Save Changes. Note the theme may only be overwritten and no more than 1 theme per user may exist at this time.


  • lint, much much much linting

Happy theming!


SDK for building Bootstrap themes for ApisCP





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