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apnscp JavaScript library + Bootstrap
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apnscp JavaScript Kit

apnscp Bootstrap JDK is a kit to build apnscp's JavaScript libraries. The JDK relies on Bootstrap 4, which is mated to this repository (and panel). As of now, the current version is 4.0.0-alpha.6.

Node LTS (6.x) is recommended.

Getting Started

git clone
cd apnscp-bootstrap-jdk
npm install

Building On-the-fly

JDK makes use of grunt-contrib-watch to rebuild whenever a watched file is changed. Simply run grunt watch from the command-line.

Enabling in apnscp

apnscp must be configured with [style] => override_js set to true on config.ini. Once enabled, apnscp will use /public/js/apnscp-custom.js instead of /public/js/apnscp.js. This will also futureproof apnscp updates that will overwrite apnscp.js.

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