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This cheatsheet is a quick reference for common commands, alternate usage, and fast navigation from within the command-line. Feel free to submit a PR on any additional commands you deem useful.

S: Site Admin, A: Appliance Admin, B: Both
FSPATH: absolute filesystem path for site data
module:command-name - API command
group.task - Scopes
DEFAULT: resets service to default value if specified

CLI invocation
cpmd [-d domain][-u user] module:command arg1 '[key:value]' null true
null converts to null type, "" for empty string, false for boolean false



(A) Set update policy to edge
cpcmd config:set apnscp.update-policy edge
(A) Reset update policy to default
cpcmd config:set apnscp.update-policy major
(A) Update panel code
(A) Reset panel code
upcp --reset


(A) Get all defaults
cpcmd config:get apnscp.bootstrapper
(A) Override default
cpcmd config:set apnscp.bootstrapper name val
(A) Run entire Bootstrapper
upcp -sb
(A) Run Bootstrapper component(s)
upcp -sb mail/rspamd mail/configure-postfix


(A) General usage
cpcmd config:set group.task value
cpcmd config:get group.task
cpcmd config:info group.task

Scope list

apache.block10 boolean - toggle HTTP/1.0 disallowance
apache.evasive-whitelist ip address - whitelist an IP address, accepts wildcards (64.22.68.*)
apnscp.debug boolean - place panel in debug mode
apnscp.headless boolean - toggle panel frontend
apnscp.low-memory boolean - toggle low-memory mode
mail.enabled boolean - toggle inbound mail services hostname username password - set outbound mail relay
net.hostname hostname - change system hostname
system.integrity-check - run Bootstrapper, email results

API commands

All invoked using CLI, cpcmd module:function. Full list via


(B) Get panel version
(B) Commands available for role


(A) IP is banned
(A) Unban IP
(A) Whitelist IP (3.1+)


(S) List/create/delete addon domains
aliases:list-shared-domains/aliases:add-domain docroot/aliases:remove-domain
(S) Update addon domain configuration
(S) List/create/delete subdomains
web:list-subdomains/web:add-subdomain subdomain docroot/web:remove-subdomain subdomain


(A) Reset, detect, update all sites
admin:locate-webapps '[site12,]'
admin:update-webapps '[type:wordpress]'
(S) Setting write-access
wordpress:fortify / max
(S) Webapp modules
composer (3.1+), discourse, drupal, ghost, joomla, laravel, nextcloud (3.1+), wordpress


(S) Bypassing bypassing plugin/theme updates
.wp-update-skip in docroot, format: name or theme:name or plugin:name (newline delimited)
(S) Update core, theme, and plugins to latest
cpcmd wordpress:update-all /
(S) Install WordPress
cpcmd wordpress:install / '[ssl:true,]'

Alternative invocation

(B) Via browser
apnscp.cmd('command_name', ['arg1', 'arg2'], {async: false});
(B) Afar

Account management

(A) Add site
AddDomain -c siteinfo, -c siteinfo,admin_user=admin -c siteinfo, ...
(A) Edit site
EditDomain -c diskquota,quota=20 -c diskquota,units=GB
(A) Deactivate site
SuspendDomain invoice also accepted
(A) Reactivate site
ActivateDomain invoice also accepted
(A) Delete site
DeleteDomain invoice also accepted

DNS binding

(A) Attach provider/key to site
EditDomain -c dns,provider=linode -c dns,key=abc1234567890
(A) Change global default provider
cpcmd config:set dns.default-provider linode
cpcmd config:set dns.default-provider-key abc1235
EditDomain -c dns,provider=DEFAULT -c dns,provider_key=DEFAULT

Resource throttling

(A) Disable all throttles
EditDomain -c cgroup,enabled=0
(A) Set memory limit
EditDomain -c cgroup,memory=1024
(A) Set thread limit
EditDomain -c cgroup,proclimit=256
1 thread = 1 process in non-threaded processes
(A) Set CPU priority
EditDomain -c cgroup.cpuweight=2048
1024 baseline, 2048 = 2x, 512 = 1/2x
(A) Set 24-hour CPU seconds usage
EditDomain -c cgroup,cpu=10000

Shell helpers

(A) Get site configuration
get_config siteinfo email
(A) Override password
(A) Switch to account admin


(A) apnscp license


(A) /etc/httpd/conf/httpd-custom.conf - global config (requires Apache reload; "systemctl reload httpd")
(A) /etc/httpd/conf/sslXX{,.ssl}/ - per-site global config + SSL-only config (compile config changes w/ "htrebuild"; requires Apache reload)
(S) FSPATH/var/www - broadest application of .htaccess rules (inheritable)
(S) FSPATH/var/www/domain-docroot/.htaccess - per-document root Apache directives (inheritable)


(S) Per-site web traffic/errors
FSPATH/var/log/httpd/access_log + error_log
(S) Passenger errors
(A) Mail log
(A) Rampart ban log

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