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SpamHaus DQS integration into apnscp
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SpamHaus DQS integration addin

This addin automatically configures SpamHaus' Data Query Service for use with rspamd. Enabling DQS improves rspamd filtering sensitivity.



  • apnscp must be running rspamd as its spam filter
  • SpamHaus DQS key. Registration required.
# Set the key
cpcmd config:set apnscp.bootstrapper rspamd_dqs_key KEYFROMABOVE
# Setup addin
cd /usr/local/apnscp
git submodule add resources/playbooks/addins/rspamd-dqs
git submodule update --init --recursive resources/playbooks/addins/rspamd-dqs
cd resources/playbooks
ansible-playbook addin.yml --extra-vars=addin=rspamd-dqs

And that's it!


cd /usr/local/apnscp/resources/playbooks
ansible-playbook addin.yml --extra-vars=addin=rspamd-dqs --tags=uninstall,all
rm -rf addins/rspamd-dqs

Verifying installation

rspamadm configtest will validate your configuration. Syntax OK indicates there are no issues with mail. After a day look for SpamHaus scores in rspamd:

zcat /var/log/rspamd/rspamd.log.1.gz | grep ZRD_ 
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