A fast, out-of-band error reporting facility for PHP
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A fast, out-of-band error reporting facility for PHP.

Error Reporter ("ER") evolved from apnscp, a hosting control panel developed for Apis Networks. It's built for performance and adaptability. Errors can be raised without terminating control flow.

  • Deduplication: serial errors are ignored
  • Fast: in production mode, 60% faster than try-catch
  • E-mail PHP errors: any PHP warnings/notices that slip through production can be e-mailed
  • Macros: fatal()/error()/warn()/info()/deprecated() wrap clunky ER functions


	// error()/warn()/info()/deprecated() macros	
	// compatibility stub for non-apnscp applications
	function test_error()
	  return error("error happened");
	function test_info()
	  return info("just a friendly reminder");
	if (!test_error()) {
	  // expunge the buffer, reset reporter to "OK"
	if (!test_info()) {
	  // nothing
	} else {
	  // will report "E_INFO"
	  print Error_Reporter::get_severity();

Argument formatting

All macros support variable argument formatting following typical sprintf formatting.

On-the-fly verbosity

Error_Reporter::mute_warning() can be used before entering a block of code that may elicit a PHP warning. Any PHP warnings or notices generated within will be ignored. Once the block is done, enable with Error_Reporter::unmute_warning().

Using stacks

Debug mode is enabled by defining DEBUG in stub.php. Enabling debug mode will print stacks as errors/warnings/info messages are reported. This will impact performance three-fold, so use wisely. Error_Reporter::print_debug_bt() displays the current backtrace.

Evaluating state

  • Error_Reporter::is_error() checks if the current state is of level error (degraded)
  • Error_Reporter::get_severity() is the maximal severity reported: OK (info/debug/deprecated), warning (warn), and error (error)
  • Error_Reporter::downgrade(severity) downgrade all messages exceeding severity to new severity

E-mailing bug reports

Set BUG_COPY to a valid e-mail address