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Soter (SO+ER)

Real Time Implementation of Gunshot Detection IoT System.

SO+ER demonstrates the power of open-source hardware (OSH) to enable the first non-commercial, community driven, kinetic and gunshot detection network. The detector architecture is free and based on open source hardware.

Creating a better tomorrow with today's technology.

Reference Architecture

This Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project contains an array of microphones, sensors, and an internet enabled single-board computer. The collector listens for and records sharp sounds with high levels of energy. Recordings are analyzed in the cloud using machine learning to categorize the characteristics. SO+ER is configurable to notify you when a detection is received.

The SO+ER name derives from the Greek personification or daimon of safety, preservation and deliverance from harm.

SO+ER Reference Artifacts have a new home!

Visit the SO+ER Reference Architecture site to download the SO+ER Enclosure, PCB, and Firmware binaries.

SO+ER Build Videos are available online

Visit the APIS Point channel to view the latest build videos.

Getting Started:

  1. Read the License (License.txt available from Soter Cloud)
  2. Manufacture the Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
  3. Manufacture the enclosure
  4. Purchase the sensor breakouts
  5. Assemble the PCB
  6. Flash the collector
  7. Finalize assembly

The collector integrates the following OSH commercial components:

Sensor Components Quantity
BeagleBone Black Wireless 1
Adafruit MEMS Microphone breakout 4
Adafruit Temperature breakout 1
Sparkfun 9DOF breakout 1
Sparkfun GPS module 1

Your estimated minimum cost to assemble a single collector is $200 USD.

In the repository there are three (3) directories that contain the engineering artifacts and Bill of Materials (BOMs) required to manufacture and assemble the collector.

We have used the following PCB manufactures and services:

  • Seeed Studio Fusion PCB
  • OSH Park

We have used the following additive (3D Printing) manufactures and services:

  • Shapeways
  • 3D Hubs

We recommend using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology when manufacturing the enclosure due to the exacting measures required to mount the electronics and couple the enclosure bodies.


Real Time Implementation of Gunshot Detection System




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