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A beets plugin to generate M3U playlists
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Proposal for new Beets plugin

Name:   m3ulist

Desc:   A plugin to create m3u playlists for ...

  • albums during import operations
  • albums already in database (auto-gen one / some / all)
  • all items returned by a custom search query

Details:   The plugin should ...

  • offer relative or absolute file paths in playlists
  • allow saving of playlist file to different locations (e.g. album folder, library-level folder or custom directory)
  • optionally (auto) generate a playlist when an album is imported
  • provide a CLI to create playlist files for existing library entities, this should include albums and custom compilations of singletons


  • optionally include the UTF-8 BOM for the M3U8 format?
  • support other playlist formats (e.g. PLS)?
  • limit the number of items allowed per playlist! (or at least per generate operation?)
  • provide ability to append items to an existing playlist file?
  • update playlist files when items are changed, preferably on-demand (i.e. search for playlist items (per playlist) and update as required)
  • provide some means to test which albums do/don't have a playlist associated with them? (e.g. create a reference in the database!)
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