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Snappy v1.0.5, February 24th 2012:
* More speed improvements. Exactly how big will depend on
the architecture:
- 3–10% faster decompression for the base case (x86-64).
- ARMv7 and higher can now use unaligned accesses,
and will see about 30% faster decompression and
20–40% faster compression.
- 32-bit platforms (ARM and 32-bit x86) will see 2–5%
faster compression.
These are all cumulative (e.g., ARM gets all three speedups).
* Fixed an issue where the unit test would crash on system
with less than 256 MB address space available,
e.g. some embedded platforms.
* Added a framing format description, for use over e.g. HTTP,
or for a command-line compressor. We do not have any
implementations of this at the current point, but there seems
to be enough of a general interest in the topic.
Also make the format description slightly clearer.
* Remove some compile-time warnings in -Wall
(mostly signed/unsigned comparisons), for easier embedding
into projects that use -Wall -Werror.
Snappy v1.0.4, September 15th 2011:
* Speeded up the decompressor somewhat; typically about 2–8%
for Core i7, in 64-bit mode (comparable for Opteron).
Somewhat more for some tests, almost no gain for others.
* Make Snappy compile on certain platforms it didn't before
(Solaris with SunPro C++, HP-UX, AIX).
* Correct some minor errors in the format description.
Snappy v1.0.3, June 2nd 2011:
* Speeded up the decompressor somewhat; about 3-6% for Core 2,
6-13% for Core i7, and 5-12% for Opteron (all in 64-bit mode).
* Added compressed format documentation. This text is new,
but an earlier version from Zeev Tarantov was used as reference.
* Only link snappy_unittest against -lz and other autodetected
libraries, not (which doesn't need any such dependency).
* Fixed some display issues in the microbenchmarks, one of which would
frequently make the test crash on GNU/Hurd.
Snappy v1.0.2, April 29th 2011:
* Relicense to a BSD-type license.
* Added C bindings, contributed by Martin Gieseking.
* More Win32 fixes, in particular for MSVC.
* Replace geo.protodata with a newer version.
* Fix timing inaccuracies in the unit test when comparing Snappy
to other algorithms.
Snappy v1.0.1, March 25th 2011:
This is a maintenance release, mostly containing minor fixes.
There is no new functionality. The most important fixes include:
* The COPYING file and all licensing headers now correctly state that
Snappy is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.
* snappy_unittest should now compile natively under Windows,
as well as on embedded systems with no mmap().
* Various autotools nits have been fixed.
Snappy v1.0, March 17th 2011:
* Initial version.
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