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This file lists the major user visible improvements. For a full list of changes and their authors see the git history.

Version 4.0

  • Support tracing in Android, both native and Dalvik applications.

  • Show frame thumbnails in the GUI.

  • Basic D3D 10.1, 11, and 11.1 trace support.

  • Multi-threaded trace/retrace support.

  • Several OpenGL ES state dump fixes.

  • GPU profiling.

  • Thumbnails in GUI

  • Trim improvements.

  • Loads of bugfixes

Version 3.0

  • Top-level apitrace command.

  • Trace and replay support for EGL, GLES1, and GLES2 APIs on Linux.

  • Ability to trim traces.

  • Basic CPU profiling when retracing.

  • Basic D3D10 trace support.

  • Many bugfixes.

Version 2.0

  • Flush/sync trace file only when there is an uncaught signal/exception, yielding a 5x speed up while tracing.

  • Employ snappy compression library instead of zlib, yielding a 2x speed up while tracing.

  • Implement and advertise GL_GREMEDY_string_marker and GL_GREMEDY_frame_terminator extensions.

  • Mac OS X support.

  • Support up-to OpenGL 4.2 calls.

  • Better GUI performance with very large traces, by loading frames from disk on demand.

Version 1.0

  • Qt GUI, capable of visualizing the calls, the state, and editing the state.


  • OpenGL replay support.
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