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apitrace documentation: add multiple callsets

Documentation update for previous commit:

   apitrace: Allow multiple --calls and/or --frames input options

Signed-off-by: Lawrence L Love <>
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1 parent 53a4080 commit b9adf67e972b58da5c017e82bab20438b56f353c @lawlove lawlove committed with jrfonseca Feb 12, 2014
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@@ -96,6 +96,7 @@ Several tools take `CALLSET` arguments, e.g:
apitrace dump --calls=CALLSET foo.trace
apitrace dump-images --calls=CALLSET foo.trace
+ apitrace trim --calls=CALLSET1 --calls=CALLSET2 foo.trace
The call syntax is very flexible. Here are a few examples:

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