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Commits on May 1, 2016
  1. @schulmar @jrfonseca
  2. @schulmar @jrfonseca

    gui: Fix VS being always marked as using SSBB.

    schulmar committed with jrfonseca Apr 17, 2016
    -> removed leftover test value
  3. @schulmar @jrfonseca

    gui: Add checkboxes for alpha/opaque in surfaces view.

    schulmar committed with jrfonseca Apr 16, 2016
    - pass alpha/opaque settings through to image viewer
    - removed caching of thumbnails in ApiSurface instances
      - updating thumbnails (due to changed alpha/opaque settings) did not
    mesh with constness
      - ApiSurfaces should be unaware of thumbnails -> caching should happen
    e.g. in SurfacesView
    Fixes #374.
  4. @jrfonseca
Commits on Apr 27, 2016
  1. @jrfonseca
  2. @jrfonseca
  3. @jrfonseca

    d3d9trace: Track volume/cube lock mappings per level too.

    jrfonseca committed Apr 27, 2016
    That is, generalise commit e540b63 to
    other resource types.
Commits on Apr 19, 2016
  1. @jrfonseca
  2. @jrfonseca

    os: Intercept ASAN errors similar to exception.

    jrfonseca committed Apr 19, 2016
    So that errors / trace flushing works as usual.
Commits on Apr 16, 2016
  1. @jrfonseca

    glretrace: Ref-count glretrace::Context.

    jrfonseca committed Apr 16, 2016
    To ensure its destruction is deferred until it's no longer current.
  2. @jrfonseca
  3. @jrfonseca

    glretrace: Revert "Use OS_THREAD_SPECIFIC_PTR on"

    jrfonseca committed Apr 16, 2016
    OS_THREAD_SPECIFIC_PTR is defined as __thread * anyway.
    This reverts commit b4a2fe7.
  4. @jrfonseca

    cmake: Add option to build with Address Sanitizer.

    jrfonseca committed Apr 16, 2016
    Also remove SSP: it was only being used in Debug builds, and it never
    found a bug.
Commits on Apr 14, 2016
  1. @jrfonseca

    glretrace: Ensure sync commands are flushed before switching thread.

    jrfonseca committed Apr 14, 2016
    Thanks to Steinar Gunderson for catching this.
    #446 (comment)
  2. @jrfonseca
Commits on Apr 13, 2016
  1. @schulmar @jrfonseca

    gui: Overwrite existing files.

    schulmar committed with jrfonseca Mar 29, 2016
    As the user already consents to that in the save dialog.
    Fixes #408.
  2. @schulmar @jrfonseca
  3. @jrfonseca

    cmake: Allow customization of the doc installation dir.

    jrfonseca committed Apr 13, 2016
    Sample usage:
      cmake -DDOC_INSTALL_DIR=doc/apitrace-x.y.z ...
    Fixes #411
Commits on Apr 11, 2016
  1. @jrfonseca

    common: Avoid explicit initialization of array members.

    jrfonseca committed Apr 11, 2016
    Not supported in MSVC 2013.
  2. @linkmauve @jrfonseca

    retrace: Add an option for parallel snapshotting.

    linkmauve committed with jrfonseca Sep 21, 2015
    When this new -t or --snapshot-threaded option is specified, the
    retracer will spawn as many threads as the available cores on the
    machine, and will encode up to that number of PNG files at once.
    Even on GPU-intensive traces, this patch allows a better use of the
    resources by having the CPU and GPU work at the same time instead of
    waiting for each other.
  3. @jrfonseca

    common: Add missing threading functionality.

    jrfonseca committed Apr 11, 2016
    Partially based on Emmanuel Gil Peyrot's change from
    #391 , but with more complete
    and working Windows support.
    Also add a test to ensure the tricky bits we care are reasonably sane.
  4. @jrfonseca
Commits on Apr 10, 2016
  1. @jrfonseca

    glstate: Tweak features.

    jrfonseca committed Apr 10, 2016
    Not all similar extensions are alike.
  2. @jrfonseca

    glstate: More accurately check for PBO / 3D tex support before using it.

    jrfonseca committed Apr 10, 2016
    This allows to use glretrace with Microsoft GDI OpenGL 1.1 implementation,
    just for sanity testing purposes.
  3. @jrfonseca
  4. @jrfonseca
  5. @jrfonseca
  6. @jrfonseca

    gltrace: Return sensible value for GL_MAX_DEBUG_MESSAGE_LENGTH when f…

    jrfonseca committed Apr 10, 2016
    …aking KHR_debug.
    `apitrace trace glretrace ...` relies on it.
  7. @jrfonseca

    common: Use C++11 threads outside of Windows.

    jrfonseca committed Apr 10, 2016
    It should be widely supported on Linux.
  8. @jrfonseca

    cmake: Fix WINVER for XP.

    jrfonseca committed Apr 10, 2016
    It was to be bumped including DirectComposition headers on MinGW, but
    it shouldn't have been commited.
    Instead introduce a WINDOWS_XP option to build XP binaries with MinGW.
  9. @jrfonseca

    gltrace: Fix MAP_PERSISTENT_BIT warnings.

    jrfonseca committed Apr 10, 2016
    No need to warn about mappings without MAP_WRITE_BIT.
    Also shorten the URLs.
Commits on Apr 9, 2016
  1. @jrfonseca
  2. @jrfonseca

    dxgitrace: Remove IWarpPrivateAPI spec.

    jrfonseca committed Apr 9, 2016
    No longer relevant, now that we hide it.
  3. @jrfonseca
Commits on Apr 8, 2016
  1. @jrfonseca

    docs,cmake: Update build instructions for MSVC 2015.

    jrfonseca committed Apr 8, 2016
    MSVC 2013 is still supported.  But I hope to make MSVC 2015 a
    requirement in the near future.
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