support opengl GPU profiling through GL_ARB_timer_query extension #82

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Opengl 3.3 allows to query a timer objet, to have the real time spend in the GPU vs the inaccurate time spend on the CPU to measure the performance. In short the extension can work in 2 ways:
1/ You can have the delta (in ns) between glBeginQuery(GL_TIME_ELAPSED,..) and glEndQuery(GL_TIME_ELAPSED);
2/ You can have absolute time (in ns) with glQueryCounter. You can emulate the first version, with 2 glQueryCounter and do a manual diff.

An example tutorial :

Additional note, the command go into the GPU pipeline, so you must wait enough time to readback the value and therefore it could stall the pipeline. Or you can use a ping-pong buffer and read the data of previous frame (which is done and therefore query counter too).

Now it remains the question of what to profile? I feel it would be to heavy to annotate all GL commands and maybe not useful. For the moment my ideas are
1/ Use glBeginQuery/glEndQuery around the dump of a call.
2/ Use some glQueryCounter (with ping-ping buffer) around swap buffer command to get the performance by frame.


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