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.gitignore gldispatch: Don't inline dispatch of GL functions.
CMakeLists.txt cmake: Set CMAKE_INCLUDE_CURRENT_DIR where appropriate.
README.markdown Several documentation fixes. Move dispatch to its own subdirectory.
compat.h dxgitrace/retrace: A few more cleanups.
d2dimports.hpp specs: Dump D2D and DXVA2 error codes.
d3d10imports.hpp common,cli,wrappers,retrace,gui: Use #pragma once.
d3d11imports.hpp common,cli,wrappers,retrace,gui: Use #pragma once.
d3d8imports.hpp common,cli,wrappers,retrace,gui: Use #pragma once.
d3d9imports.hpp common,cli,wrappers,retrace,gui: Use #pragma once.
d3derr.hpp dxerr: Avoid macro redefinition warnings.
d3dimports.hpp common,cli,wrappers,retrace,gui: Use #pragma once. gldispatch: Don't inline dispatch of GL functions.
dlopen.hpp common,cli,wrappers,retrace,gui: Use #pragma once.
dxgiint.h common,cli,wrappers,retrace,gui: Use #pragma once.
dxva2imports.hpp d3dtrace: Trace the actual DXVA2 API calls.
eglimports.hpp egltrace: Properly support KHR_debug on ES.
glimports.hpp specs: Update NV_path_rendering functions. egltrace: Properly support KHR_debug on ES.
glproc_egl.cpp egltrace: Cope with EGL_KHR_get_all_proc_addresses better.
glproc_gl.cpp gldispatch: Don't inline dispatch of GL functions.


The dispatch layer objective is to resolve the addresses of public and private symbols from DLLs / shared objects and dispatch calls to them.

It used both by the tracing wrappers (to dispatch the intercepted calls to their true counterparts) and when replaying traces (to dispatch the calls recorded on the file).

Most of the code is generated from script, which is then derived for particular APIs.

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