🔧 PSR-7 based API framework. Heart of the apitte stack. Suitable to use with Nette Framework.
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🔧 Core API library for Nette Framework.

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composer require apitte/core


State Version Branch PHP Composer
development ^0.5.0 master >= 7.1 minimum-stability: dev, prefer-stable: true
stable ^0.4.0 master >= 7.1
stable ^0.3.0 master >= 5.6


Just define some endpoints, I mean controllers. Place some annotations and that is all.

namespace App\Controllers;

use Apitte\Core\Annotation\Controller\Controller;
use Apitte\Core\Annotation\Controller\ControllerPath;
use Apitte\Core\Annotation\Controller\Method;
use Apitte\Core\Annotation\Controller\Path;
use Apitte\Core\Http\ApiRequest;
use Apitte\Core\Http\ApiResponse;
use Apitte\Core\UI\Controller\IController;

 * @Controller
 * @ControllerPath("/hello")
final class HelloController implements IController

     * @Path("/world")
     * @Method("GET")
    public function index(ApiRequest $request, ApiResponse $response): ApiResponse
        return $response->writeBody('Hello world!');

And register your controller as service.

    - App\Controllers\HelloController

As you can see, the architecture is ultra simple. ApiRequest & ApiResponse wrap PSR-7, so you can re-use these declared methods.



Milan Felix Šulc

Marek Bartoš

The development is sponsored by Tlapnet and a lot of coffees. Thank you guys! 👍

Thank you for testing, reporting and contributing.