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Video Platforms Benchmark is the video infrastructure for product builders. Lightning fast video APIs for integrating, scaling, and managing on-demand & low latency live streaming features in your app.

Table of contents

Project description

This app aims to benchmark several video/live streaming OTT platforms based on Encoding Time performance and provide also a "Time to Playback" metric.

What the app does

VOD benchmark

The app measure 3 metrics when it's possible according to each platform limitations:

  • Encoding time for the first quality
  • Full encoding time
  • Time to Playback

What platforms are currently supported

  • AWS(MediaConvert + S3 + CloudFront)
  • Cloudflare Stream
  • JW Player
  • Vimeo
  • Youtube

Because each platform works differently, we've tried to be as accurate and fair as possible when measuring each platform to provide a realistic measurement of each metric. Some platforms have webhooks that can be listened to be informed of certain encoding-related events, but although this mechanism would have been a preferred choice, we have chosen to base this application on the status endpoint of each API so that all platforms are on par.

Live benchmark

The app measure one metric:

  • Time to Playback

What platforms are currently supported

  • AWS(Elemental MediaLive + Elemental MediaPackage + S3 + CloudFront)

Getting started

Requirements before Installation

  • Create account and credentials for each platform
  • (AWS VOD) Create a S3 bucket. Follow official instruction to create one
  • (AWS VOD) Create the IAM role in MediaConvert with full permissions Follow official instruction to create one
  • (AWS VOD) Create a CloudFront distribution with your S3 bucket created as Origin.
  • (AWS Live) Edit the file live-streaming-on-aws-custom.template at line 34 and enter the CIDR Block of the server that will push the RTMP stream.
  • (AWS Live)Upload the edited template to an AWS S3 bucket.


  1. Clone this repo
  2. Set environmental variables
  3. Install dependencies with: composer install


  • (VOD) Run on localhost symfony server:start to start a local web-server
  • Launch the benchmark with command line:
    • VOD: bin/console bench-video-platform {FILE_TO_UPLOAD_URL}
    • Live: bin/console bench-live-platform {FILE_TO_STREAM_URL}

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