Perl library for Apixu Weather API
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Welcome to the perl APIXU sdk

This SDK is a very simple inteface into the APIXU APIs.

Quick Example::

    use APIXU::API::APIXU;
    my $api_key      = 'your_api_key';
    my $apixu = APIXU::API::APIXU->new($api_key);

    my $api_explorer = 'Current';

    my $json_decoded_hash_ref;
    if ($api_explorer eq 'Current') {
        my $location     = 'Paris';
        $json_decoded_hash_ref = $apixu->get_current($location);
    elsif($api_explorer eq 'Forecast'){
        my $location     = 'Paris';
        my $days         = '2';   
        $json_decoded_hash_ref = $apixu->get_forecast($location, $days);

Getting Started
The module we are using is APIXU::API::APIXU

Make sure that following cpan modules are already installed.
1. LWP::UserAgent
2. HTTP::Request::Common

Step 1 : Use the module by 'use APIXU::API::APIXU;' statement.

Step 2 : Create the object by 'my $apixu = APIXU::API::APIXU->new($api_key);' statement

Step 3 : Get API response
        We have 2 methods in APIXU,
        'get_current' is for getting 'current' weather and the 'get_forecast' is for 'forecast' weather.
        'get_current' method is to be called with the parameter location
        Eg : $apixu->get_current($location);
        'get_forecast' method is to be called with the parameters location and days
        Eg : $apixu->get_current($location, $days);
        The return value will be a perl hash reference equivalent to the json response from the API.
        You can take the response like following 
        $json_decoded_hash_ref = $apixu->get_forecast($location, $days);


Version 1.0, 2015-06-27