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Octave package for Sublime Text, providing syntax highlighting, indentation, and code snippets
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OctaveSupport for Sublime Text 3

OctaveSupport package for Sublime Text, providing syntax highlighting, indentation settings, and code snippets.

This is a work in progress: I’m new to writing Sublime Text extensions, so something may be off here.

I’m working on getting this into the Package Control main channel.


Installing with Package Control

This is how most users should do it.

  • First, install Package Control
  • In Sublime Text, open the Command Palette (Cmd-Shift-P on Mac, Ctrl-Shift-P on Linux/Windows) and choose “Package Control: Add Repository”
  • Add
  • Open the Command Palette and choose “Package Control: Install Package”
  • Select OctaveSupport from the package list

Installing from GitHub repo

This is how you should do it if you want to hack on OctaveSupport itself.

  • Clone the Git repo
    • git clone
  • Link the source directory into your Sublime Text Packages/User directory
    • on macOS:
      • cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 3/Packages/User
      • ln -s /path/to/my/cloned/sublime-octave OctaveSupport.sublime-package
    • on Linux: You’ll need to find the Sublime Text data path yourself; I don’t know where it is
    • on Windows: Symlinks are not supported, so this won’t work. TBD.


Once installed, there will be an “Octave” choice under the View > Syntax menu. Open an Octave .m file and select it. You may also want to do View > Syntax > "Open all with current extension as..." > Octave.


To use the code snippets, type one of their names and hit the Tab key. Available snippets:

  • octclass – A classdef class definition, in GNU Octave style
  • octfun - A function definition, in GNU Octave style
    • This is a fixed-up version of the one found in Sublime Text’s Matlab package.
  • unwind – An unwind_protect block
  • unwtry – A combination unwind_protect + try/catch block
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