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Dotfiles Repo

My configuration files and system setup scripts.

The idea here is to get as close as possible to being able to sit down at a fresh computer or user account, be able to run just a couple commands, and have it fully set up the way I like it and be able to start working, instead of futzing around for hours with GUI preference panels and the like.

Using this repo

Caution! This whole thing is a work in progress. I'm making this repo publicly available so other people can use my code and techniques. But it's not a product, it's not stable, and there's no support. I'm going to continue to change this stuff to meet my own needs, maybe in non-back-compatible ways. So don't think you can just clone the repo and use it directly. If you want to use it, make a copy, read and understand it, and make your own dotfiles repo (not a fork of mine; you want your own independent one).

Repo sections

There are a few different parts to this repo.

  • dotfiles – Unix-style configuration files for dropping in to your home directory
  • sys-setup – System and user configuration scripts that install things and adjust system settings
  • manual-settings – Exported and imported settings files from various programs
  • iTerm2 – Shared data directory for iTerm2's "load settings from folder" preference at

Overall Installation / Usage

To set up a new computer from scratch:

  • Clone this repo locally, to its permanent location
  • Install Xcode and/or the Xcode CLT
  • setup-osx-homebrew
  • setup-osx-system
  • setup-osx-user

Design and implementation notes

Symlinks cannot be used within this repo, since it may be stored on Dropbox. That'll change if I get off Dropbox and switch to Git-only. But the automatic Dropbox syncing is nice, especially for trying out changes on multiple boxes before committing.


All material in this project is licensed under the MIT License unless otherwise noted. See