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React Velocity

React Velocity is an application that allows you to visualize your React project's component hierarchy before exporting the requisite boilerplate code. The two main features allow you to create React-based and React/Redux-based production level projects. This tool enables you to convert between stateless and stateful, class-based components. Your export will include a 'src' folder containing all of the same files that exist in the src folder of 'create-react-app'. Additionally, you will have a 'components' folder that contains your stateful and stateless components. Feel free to replace the 'src' folder in create-react-app with your newly exported 'src' folder from React Velocity.

Within the Redux feature of the app, you can add action creators to your actions folder, reducers to your reducers folder, and containers and components to your containers and components folders, respectively. The simple design makes it user-friendly and intuitive to use for developers who work with React or it may be used by those who are just beginning their journey building Single Page Applications.


To get started, fork -> clone -> npm install -> npm start the project onto your machine and run it in localhost and select one of the two features that you wish to work in. You may also visit but it is recommended to use this master repo for the most recent version as there can be delays in the website update. The cyan page allows you to begin adding components for a React-based application and the purple page allows you to add a layer of Redux functionality. In React mode, you can toggle between stateful and stateless components. Redux mode allows you to add much more including reducers, actions, and containers all while preserving the ability to add functional and presentational components.


Please submit issues/pull requests if you have feedback or message the React Velocity team to be added as a contributor: and CC Paul ( to the email.