An adb_usb.ini containing every known vendor ID - just clone into your .android directory.
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One true adb_usb.ini to rule them all!

This is an adb_usb.ini containing every known Android vendor ID (and all other known USB vendors on the planet, just for good measure).

To clone into your .android directory (for easy updating via git):

$ cd ~/.android
$ rm adb_usb.ini
$ git init
$ git remote add origin
$ git pull origin master

Alternatively, to just copy the latest file directly into your .android:

$ curl > ~/.android/adb_usb.ini

A parseable listing is included in VENDORS, using the following format:

<vendor_id> <is_android_vendor> <vendor_name>

For data sources, we used every Android device that we have (which is, we believe, all of them), the Linux USB listing at, and the USB listing at If you're interested, the tool used to scrape the web data sources is in

Updates are very much encouraged and appreciated - please either submit a pull request or email to

Brought to you by the friendly hackers at Apkudo ( / @apkudo).

(Obligatory legal note: All code, listings, etc. is released into the public domain, is provided as-is, and carries no warranties.)