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Flexible Internal Representation for RTL

Firrtl is an intermediate representation (IR) for digital circuits designed as a platform for writing circuit-level transformations. This repository consists of a collection of transformations (written in Scala) which simplify, verify, transform, or emit their input circuit.

A Firrtl compiler is constructed by chaining together these transformations, then writing the final circuit to a file.

For a detailed description of Firrtl's intermediate representation, see the document "Specification of the Firrtl Language" located in spec/spec.pdf.

This repository is in ALPHA VERSION, so many things may change in the coming months.

Installation Instructions

Disclaimer: This project is in alpha, so there is no guarantee anything works. The installation instructions should work for OSX/Linux machines.

  1. If not already installed, install verilator (Requires at least v3.886)
  2. If not already installed, install sbt (Requires at least v0.13.6)
  1. Clone the repository: git clone; cd sirrtl
  2. Compile firrtl: sbt compile
  3. Run tests: sbt test
  4. Build executable (utils/bin/sirrtl): sbt assembly
    • Note: You can add utils/bin to your path to call sirrtl from other processes
  5. Publish this version locally in order to satisfy other tool chain library dependencies:
sbt publish-local
Useful sbt Tips
  1. Run a single test suite: sbt "testOnly firrtlTests.UnitTests"
  2. Continually execute a command: sbt ~compile
  3. Only invoke sbt once:
> compile
> test
Using Sirrtl as a commandline tool
utils/bin/sirrtl -i regress/rocket.fir -o regress/rocket.v -X verilog // Compiles rocket-chip to Verilog
utils/bin/sirrtl --help // Returns usage string
Other Tools

Firrtl syntax highlighting for Vim users: