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AprilTags library in C++/OpenCV
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Detects AprilTags (2D bar codes) in images; reports unique ID of each detection, and optionally its position and orientation relative to a calibrated camera.

This code is forked from Michael Kaess's C++ implementation and maintains his LGPL 2.1 license. The fork is partly to explore new ideas and also to find additional performance. As much as possible, it relies on OpenCV for image manipulation primitives. At present I am working with OpenCV 3.0. I welcome any patches for backwards compatibility with 2.x.

The code is presently a mishmash of OpenCV and Eigen primitives with a smattering of hand-written code. I'm always looking for refactors which reduce the code complexity (reducing the dependencies and/or the number of times you have to cross the OpenCV/Eigen interface) while increasing performance.

It is packaged as a standard CMake package. Building is something like:

git clone
cd apriltags && mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
make test              (for unit tests)
make perf              (for performance tests)


  • Backwards compatibility with OpenCV 2.x

Original README.txt

See examples/apriltags_demo.cpp for a simple example that detects April tags (see tags/pdf/tag36h11.pdf) in laptop or webcam images and marks any tags in the live image.

Ubuntu dependencies: sudo apt-get install subversion cmake libopencv-dev libeigen3-dev libv4l-dev

Mac dependencies: sudo port install pkgconfig opencv eigen3

Uses the pods build system in connection with cmake, see:

Michael Kaess October 2012

AprilTags were developed by Professor Edwin Olson of the University of Michigan. His Java implementation is available on this web site:

Olson's Java code was ported to C++ and integrated into the Tekkotsu framework by Jeffrey Boyland and David Touretzky.

See this Tekkotsu wiki article for additional links and references:

This C++ code was further modified by Michael Kaess ( and Hordur Johannson ( and the code has been released under the LGPL 2.1 license.

  • converted to standalone library
  • added stable homography recovery using OpenCV
  • robust tag code table that does not require a terminating 0 (omission results in false positives by illegal codes being accepted)
  • changed example tags to agree with Ed Olson's Java version and added all his other tag families
  • added principal point as parameter as in original code - essential for homography
  • added some debugging code (visualization using OpenCV to show intermediate detection steps)
  • added fast approximation of arctan2 from Ed's original Java code
  • using interpolation instead of homography in Quad: requires less homography computations and provides a small improvement in correct detections


  • significant speedup could be achieved by performing image operations using OpenCV (Gaussian filter, but also operations in
  • replacing arctan2 by precomputed lookup table
  • converting matrix operations to Eigen (mostly for simplifying code, maybe some speedup)
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