Previewing (J)SCAD 3D models inside Atom.
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Solid 3D CAD models inside Atom (JSCAD).


Package available here.


Released version can be installed from Atom's Packages > Settings View > Install package/theme

To install development version, go to the atom packages location (~/.atom/packages/), then

  • git clone
  • cd atom-jscad

Other projects

This is a base of this package. Project is very outdated, some changes backported from .org version, some features added, some things rewritten.

Allows online editing of jscad files, but now in a heavy rewrite stage. Now processing and rendering is almost the same (excluding multiple objects returned from main). Best strategy for atom-jscad is use OpenJSCAD.Processor and OpenJSCAD.Viewer from this project.


  • Add option to use touchpad scroll on Mac for panning
  • Add watch for minimum suggestion length in autocomplete-plus configuration
  • Human-centric scad => jscad conversion
  • Use processor class from .org
    • Allow to include any supported file
    • Jump to the error source in included file
  • EPIC merge joostn and Spiritdude histories



  • Watch includes for changes and reload


  • Added completion for some openscad-like helpers


  • Every type of error should be reported to user from now
  • Written own include function, similar to the .org version
  • Fixed infinite loop on previewing second pane
  • Added full featured sample with descriptions
  • Package migration


This is licensed under the MIT license.