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cuwire plugin for brackets


cuwire plugin require to have installed:


Proxy users can install latest release from releases page

Click on the lego icon on right panel and open Brackets plugin manager. Then enter cuwire in the search field and press install.

![install plugin]({{ site.baseurl }}/images/brackets-plugin-install.png)

After installation, you'll see round orange icon on brackets sidebar. Click on this icon and you will get an access to cuwire panel.

![cuwire panel]({{ site.baseurl }}/images/brackets-plugin-panel.png)

Using this panel you can select target board to compile sketch and target port to upload firmware. Gear icon allow you to set custom location for Arduino IDE and some other params.

You can see detailed guide at [GUI guide]({{ site.baseurl }}/gui/Usage) section of documentation




  • Code completion
  • Better syntax highlight

Library management interface

Hardware platform management

Using examples

Board images usability

  • Show pin
  • Show bus pins (UART, SPI, I2C and other)
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