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Quick Vagrant box for WordPress. Configurable and with support for Vagrant Multi-Machine. Suitable for presentations, workshops, ... and development of course!



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ℹ️ Description

A quick and disposable Vagrant box for WordPress.
It is suitable for a range of activities like presentations, workshops and development.

🔖 Table of Contents

⌨️ Usage

git clone
cd wp-scratch-box
vagrant up

Visit in your browser, you will be greeted by the five minute install - It's that easy! If you need a little bit more then read on below for details and configuration of your own wp-scratch-box.

Minimum Requirements

📜 Provisioning

This is the provisioning file that will install the following packages and LAMP stack:

  • Packages:
    • composer
    • curl
    • git-core
    • imagemagick
    • jq
    • ntp
    • software-properties-common
    • unzip
    • vim
    • zip
    • wp-cli w/ tab completions
  • LAMP
    • Apache2
    • MariaDB 10.6
    • PHP-FPM 8.0
  • WordPress
    • Latest stable version downloaded with WP-CLI.

🔧 Configuration


Vagrant configuration can be modified in Vagrant.json, inside the vagrant object.

Default Vagrant configuration

Config key Vagrant setting Default
"name" "vm.define", "" wp-scratch-box
"vagrant_box" "" ubuntu/bionic64
"box_ip" ""
"box_hostname" "vm.hostname" wp-scratch-box.test
"vb_cpus" "vb.cpus" 2
"vb_memory" "vb.memory" 2048
"vb_linked_clone" "vb.linked_clone" true
"synced_folder" "vm.synced_folder" see below
Synced folder
"synced_folder" path
"host_path" "src/"
"guest_path" "/var/www/public"

Vagrant will create the host_path folder if it doesn't exist. The root directory will be synced to /vagrant per Vagrants' defaults, giving you access to any other folders and files needed. Note that there is no '/' at the end of the guest_path.

WordPress Configuration

The latest stable version of WordPress is downloaded and configured through WP-CLI.

In Vagrant.json modify the values of the wordpress object:

  "Project": {
    "vagrant": {
      // vagrant config
    "wordpress": {
      "mysql_database": "wp_dummy",
      "mysql_user": "wp",
      "mysql_password": "wp",
      "mysql_prefix": "wp_"

Default WordPress configuration

These values will be read by the jq utility at provisioning and passed on to WP-CLI and the mysql command to set up your database.

Parameters WP-CLI Default Set in Vagrant.json
root_directory not used public optional
core_directory --path . optional
mysql_database --dbname wp_dummy required
mysql_user --dbuser wp required
mysql_password --dbpass wp required
mysql_prefix --dbprefix wp_ required

Optional parameters

The root_directory and core_directory parameters are completely optional. These are mostly used in an advanced setup where WP Core is installed in its own directory. See this Codex page for more info.

LAMP default directory structure

See above to modify where/how your site is served.

+-- public/  
|	+-- .htaccess
|	+-- index.php
|	+-- wp-config.php
|	+-- wp-admin/
|	+-- wp-content/
|	+-- wp-include/

Resources (directory)

Contains configuration files used during provisioning for Apache and PHP:
.htaccess - wp-scratch-box.conf - custom-php.ini.

Please review these files and make adjustments accordingly if you change any default configuration values.

The resources folder also has a Mailcatcher installation script. Mailcatcher is deprecated. The script is still present but unlikely to work. It will be removed in the future for sure.

Database (directory)

A place to store your database(s). See README file in directory.

Scripts (directory)

A place to story your custom scripts. See README file in directory.

Vagrant plugins

If you have vagrant-cachier installed, the config in the Vagrantfile is set to cache by machine. If you have vagrant-vbguest installed, guest additions updates is set to false. Manually update guest additions if really needed.

⚠️ Configuration Warning

If you should change the root_directory and core_directory parameters in Vagrant.json:

  • Make sure guest_path is set accordingly in the vagrant configuration part of Vagrant.json.
  • You will need to change paths in the apache configuration wp-scratch-box.conf, file is in the resources folder.
  • Do not put a '/' at the front or end of these values.

⚒️ Advanced Configuration

Vagrant Multi-Machine

By leveraging Vagrant's Multi-Machine feature, you can hook up an additional virtual machine or re-packaged boxes from VVV, Primary Vagrant, etc. alongside the main Project VM.

Muti-Machine configuration

In Vagrant.json append the following Parent Object:

  "Project": {
  "Custom": {
    "name": "test",
    "vagrant_box": "ubuntu/trusty64",
    "box_ip": "",
    "box_hostname": ""

Follow with command vagrant up

⚠️ Multi-Machine Warning

  • All keys are required and Parent Object must be set to "Custom" in Vagrant.json.
  • The default Projectmachine will not start and be provisioned. You can force it to start with the command vagrant up NAME.
  • If you run both Project and Custom, setting their IP's in the same range will create a network and facilitate communication between the two machines.
  • Synced folders for the Custom machine needs to be manually set in the Vagrantfile if required.

Please refer to the Vagrant docs for more info on Multi-Machine setups.

🎉 Contribute to wp-scratch-box

  • Open to any sort of contributions.
  • Suggestions and improvements can be discussed in the issue tracker/through PR.

⚖️ License

Released under the MIT license.
2015 - 2019 a pleasant view | Cristovao Verstraeten

Have a pleasant view!


Quick Vagrant box for WordPress. Configurable and with support for Vagrant Multi-Machine. Suitable for presentations, workshops, ... and development of course!








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