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Alexa Skill built using .NET 4.5 / C# layered web api, Entity Framework 6, Unity DI/IoC - used to get common SAT verbal grammar words and their definitions and examples.
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Project README

This project is an Alexa Skill application called "Grammar Tool".

Tech Stack

  • It is built as a layered .NET/C# application, with tiers for web app & web api, service layer, repo layer, and domain specifics.

  • The project stack is .NET 4.5, Entity Framework 6, and Unity for Dependnecy Injection and Inversion of Control. The project is hosted on Microsoft Azure.

  • The AlexaSkillProject.WebApp project hosts the web app and web api.

  • The initial entry point for the Alexa Skill is in the AlexaController at [HttpPost, Route("api/v1/alexa/grammartool")]

  • The Alexa skill uses the service layer (AlexaSkillProject.Services) to validate the request, map and persist the request (Azure SQL Server), and deliver an appropriate response.

  • The Pearsons Dictionary API is used to retireve a Part of Speech, Definition, and Example for any given word (and the result is stored locally). (

  • Unity Inversion of Control Container is used for Dependency Injection (AlexaSkillProject.WebApp > App_Start > WebApiConfig)

About the Alexa Skill

  • Invoke the Skill by saying "Alexa, Open Grammar Tool".

  • Ask for the Word of the Day: "What is the Word of The Day?"

  • Alexa will give a word of the day, its part of speech, definition, and an example. Alexa will then prompt the user to repeat the word.

  • Alexa will continue with additional words with "Get Another Word".

  • One shot request: "Alexa, Ask Grammar Tool what is the Word of The Day?""

About the Web App

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