get OneDrive direct download link by just change the domain to
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The OneDrive Direct Download Link Helper

Get OneDrive direct download link by just changing the "" to ""
通过简单地改域名, 来获取OneDrive的直接下载链接。


  1. Get the share link, like this:!Aiw77soXua44hb4CEu6eSveUl0xUoA
  2. Change the domain to, I mean, just flip the m to w
    which becomes!Aiw77soXua44hb4CEu6eSveUl0xUoA
  3. This IS the direct link, you can paste it to browser and see.

btw, you can add ?txt at the end of url, to display text link, instead of a 301 redirect.

How it works!Aiw11soXua11pxigLnclZsYIU_Rx
-- HTTP -->!...&ithint=file%1ctxt
-- HTTP -->


  • Play OneDrive video directly in local player (eg:PotPlayer), most player support "play from url"
  • dispaly as image <img src='!Aiw77soXua44hb4CEu6eSveUl0xUoA'>

Deploy Your Self

  1. Python 3.5+ is required.
  2. git clone
  3. cd OneDrive-Direct-Link
  4. pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  5. python3
  6. Now you got this services in your localhost.

warning: this code is simple and not fool-proof.