a fast and reliable reverse TCP tunnel can hold high concurrency, support Gzip
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A fast and reliable reverse TCP tunnel, designed to be multi clients/users and hold high concurrency (support Gzip in transmission).
It also can be used as reverse socks/http/ftp/smtp... proxy, anything as long as is use TCP! Help you to bypass firewall or NAT to access the LAN.
Python反向TCP隧道代理, 用于NAT或防火墙后的内网机器与外网建立TCP隧道.

适用于如下情景: 内网机器A可以访问internet上的B, 但是B无法访问A. 需求为让B能直接访问A

(Only support Python 3, for now)

Features 特性


  • Master端支持多个Slaver, 多个程序以及多个TCP链接(多个Socket) 相互独立不影响, 为访问内网网站设计的特性
    (master side) Multi slavers and multi programs/multi TCP connections support, all connections are individual, a feature for accessing intranet website.
  • 支持比较高的并发, 足以支持一整个内网站点的并发, 在高负荷的时候比nc资源占用和性能都要好
    High concurrency support, is able to hold an intranet site's whole concurrency. Better performance and lower memory consume than nc(netcat) when heavily loaded.
  • 自动的连接维护, 快速根据负荷调整链接池容量
    Automatically connection maintaining, adjust connection pool size rapidly according to pressure.
  • 按需连接slaver后的target
    Lazy connect slaver's backend target
  • 方便部署和维护
    Easy to deploy and maintain
  • 简单的握手认证
    Simple Master-Slaver bilateral verification.
  • Gzip什么的
    Gzip and more

Brief explain about how the reverse tcp proxy works

In some situations, Machine Slaver can connect to Machine Master, but Master cannot connect to Slaver directly, by reusing the slaver's connection, programs in the master machine can connect to the slaver's machine directly(in those programs' sight)

In default config,
Master will listen and
Slaver will connect master_ip:20822 and target_ip:80 (in default cfg, they are all

Working stage data stream (in default config):
BobSoft(s)(can have dozens connections)<-->master_machine:1088<-->master_machine:20822<--[Gzip/AES]-->slaver_machine<-->target_machine:80

The proxy it self is transparent to the BobSoft
Which means, as the view of the BobSoft, it is equal to:
BobSoft(s)(can have dozens connections)<-->target_machine

Simple Usage

  1. download and unzip, make sure you have python3.x (2.x support will be added later)
  2. copy or rename the config.sample.py to config.py
  3. nc -l -p 80 (Listen localhost's 80 port, slaver will then connect this. nc for netcat)
  4. (new terminal) python3 master.py (the master will listen localhost:80 for your other programs and for slavers)
  5. (new terminal) python3 slaver.py (the slaver will connect to master_ip:20822 and target_ip:80, in this case, they are both localhost)
  6. (new terminal) nc 1088 (connect the tunnel)
  7. type and send something like I love luciaz in the nc of step 6#
  8. now you will see an I love luciaz output in the nc of step 3#, and try to send something back!

Another Example (SSH)

  1. execute the slaver in another Linux machine (maybe VMare)
  2. set slaver_target_addr = ('localhost', 22) and master_addr = ('master_ip', 20822) , others remain default
  3. use an ssh client(such as putty) to connect localhost:1088 in the MASTER machine
  4. now you connected to the slaver machine's ssh.

Tips1: How to use as socks/http proxy

Besides directly connect to the target (website, ftp, etc..), we can use other non-reverse proxy as the backend. If the backend target is an http proxy, the whole system works like a reverse http proxy, or if the backend is an socks4/5 proxy, the system becomes an reverse socks4/5 proxy,etc..
(same as the former) <--> slaver_machine <--> Socks5 Proxy (maybe in slaver_machine) <--> Real target

Tips2: Load balance with many salvers

If you have more than one slave machine, just copy the cfg and run them in every salve machine. Due to the internal slaver queue mechanism, load balance will be applied automatically